QUICK! what's a good excuse to cancel a date?

Its just this once! I promise! I can't go because of personal reasons.

Its really embarressing reason why I can't go :C


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  • How about "something personal came up"? And that you'd like to reschedule, assuming it's true.

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    • Also: I meant "worth his salt", lol

    • Very true and Its not like I don't want to see him I really do but this is a situation I don't want him to ask why am I canceling :(

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  • well you must tell us so we help you since no one know you in real life...like you can't see him just this date and can see him another day or you can't just go to date him at all...so if you can date but another day I agree with what Distant said...but if you can't see him at all then you should make excuses related to school ,family ,.vacation ,dogs, friends I don't know what you do or how you live your life so that is freaking hard :D gimme some info

    • Lol that is true and I understand what you are saying but I don't want to tell him why I can't go but I also don't want him to ask me what was it. I just want to leave it at that

    • well you can tell him... I'm really sorry can we just make another date for this just shift it another day I can't tell you why because its not about me its related to a friend secret so please don't get upset just do me a favour and lets shift it to another day and thanks you aloooot :D

  • What's the reason? Explosive diarrhea or something? If you're into the guy, just make sure you IMMEDIATELY counter-offer with another date. Otherwise it'll sound like you're just not interested.


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  • 1.you have to help your mom with something (ie. Making gift baskets, laundry, paint some random part of the house) and she is yelling and being really lame so you have too do it.

    2. Your dog is sick and your going to the vet with one of your parents.

    3. Your grounded for going over your minutes on your phone.

    4. You lost the keys to your house and you can't leave without them.

    5. You forgot you had a huge project due for school and if you don't do it now you never will.

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