It's been two days, should I text my boyfriend?

Someone had asked a question what is bothering you right now? Well thanks to her I am now posting a question.

So my boyfriend hasn't texted him for two days, no contact. About a week ago he said he wanted some space, we texted every day, me initiating most of the time. And he knows I am alone this weekend and he hasn't reached out to see how I am. Why should I have to do everything? Why should I be the first text? Why hasn't he contacted me? It's not hard, even something as simple as, "hope you had a good day, been busy, goodnight honey." That would be enough. I don't ask for much. Ugh! It's weird though, I don't miss him as much as I used to. Sometimes I had missed him so much that I cried but I don't feel that way now. Now it's just like, I miss him ok but I'm doing alright, hanging in there for the most part.

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I'm crying now. Suddenly hit me out of no where. Why hasn't he texted me? :(
He said morning. I said morning. That was it


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What Guys Said 1

  • It sounds like both of you are sort of testing each other. I think you should wait to let him initiate. I understand it can be frustrating and maybe even hurtful, but giving him some space right now to let him clear his head is probably the best thing for your relationship. And once you guys pick things up again and the timing is right, maybe you could explain to him that you care so much about him it's difficult to not communicate better/more often. Just try to do it in a way that won't make it sound like you're guilt tripping him.

    • Wow! How the hell do i do that? Cause i am hurting now and as i type this tears fill my eyes

    • I'm a pretty emotional person. Its not easy for me

What Girls Said 2

  • let him text you, you've been the one starting the conversations in the past, maybe it's his time to step up.

    • I want to wait but I don't know how much longer i can. And if i end up texting him, i have no idea what to say. Cause its not like i can get mad about it, disappointed yes. And I don't want him to get upset with me. Sorry i tend to overthink things

  • Tell him how you feel! COMMUNICATION IS KEY, he can't read your mind. He might be so used to you texting first that he's just waiting for you to text lol.

    • I agree communication is important but it works both ways. And he should reach out to me

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