My boyfriend hasn't texted me in two days. Should I be worried or patient?

My boyfriend hasn't texted me in two days.. :/

not even a "hi"

i don't want to text him first because I already have

btw we never call each other


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  • Just send a text like "been busy but I miss you" so he doesn't think your desperate. Otherwise wait another day, he's bound to text you if he really loves you. I've done that to my boyfriend a couple of times and eventually he texts me first. Usually he works a lot or sleeps from working so much or he's out with his friends, just remember he's not always available to talk to you, it's sad but true, just kinda act like your too busy to reply as well. My boyfriend reads my texts, but won't respond because he well, just doesn't feel like it, sometimes I do that to people too. lets face it, men are lazy, and us women can be too. but definately send a text saying "sorry I've been busy you must be too but text me when you get a chance" and then just leave your phone be until he texts. sometimes I like to wait a little bit before I send him one back so it doesn't look like I'm being clingy and lookign at my phone every five seconds. lol. if it even helps you be less anxious put your phone in the other room it really helps me not rely on my phone so much or if you have to work leave your phone home the whole shift just so you're not looking at it every five seconds! :) remember, if he loves you, he definately will text you back! :D

    • Yes I don't want to seem like I've been waiting by the phone all day even though I have :/

      im so impacient... when it comes to things that are supposed to happen.. yes I guess he can be busy or tired. I just don't want to be the girlfriend that's on his ass all the time I want to give him space too.. If I text him he always texts back so that's why I stop and think "since he texted me why couldn't he text he first"...

      tomorow ill see him.. should I text him?

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    • yeah id send a "goodnight babe, ill see you tomorrow! :D" and then go to bed, I'm guessing your not at the I love you stage yet. But yeah space is good it lets the relationship breathe believe me you learn to appreciate it, plus it gives you a bit of selfish time a little bit of "me" time, you can focus on yourself and what you want to do when he's not around like a hobby, etc :D

    • get ya..yeah ill do that

      yes not on that stage yet..

      thanx for the advice girl

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  • I would not worry to much he may just be out of town or is hang out with is bud,s but if you fill you nead to know then text hin and find out what going on with him


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  • I would confront him about it. Not accusatory or anything, just ask "hey is something on your mind?" My boyfriend once stopped texting me, so I decided I would back off and give him space. On the third day, I asked him what's on his mind. No answer. The next day, I sent him "talk to me. what's wrong?" Still no answer. The next day, he called me and broke up.

    That happened after a month of him being distant. So if this is the first sign of him backing off, I would ask him about it before it gets worse. My regret with that guy was waiting a month before asking him about it. I've always wondered if I could have prevented the breakup by bringing it up early on.

    • holy sh*t I hope he doesn't its going to kill me if he does... So your warning me to ask him and speak up before its too late, I'm not going to let another day pass I will see him tomorow and see what's upp

    • Good luck girl, hopefully nothing's up but it's good just to make sure.

    • thanx I hope not either..

      we just got back together and it took a lot to start I'm afraid he would throw it all away.. thanks

  • he's your boyfriend texting shouldn't be a concern, he should be calling! call him, if he doesn't answer call someone you know who you are certain has spoken to him in the last 24 hours just to make sure he is ok.

    • Ooh yeah about that ... we don't call each other.. yeah I know weird huh?

      well on Friday I texted him because I didn't see him all day.. yesturday no text and I don't want to be bugging him,

      usually by now he would have already texted me :/ I d k if I should even bother texting him

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    • well do you know the point of having a cut off ties with all other options and you are looking to see if this guy can potentially make you happy for life>..marriage, kids, etc...the first step to making this work is communicating the proper faster more effective way, Textng takes up time! I'm positive it's a good idea.

    • yes I will so try your idea :)

  • Give him a call.

  • i would call him ! or go to his work/college ... ?

    will you answer my question ? link