Girls, Girlfriend going to prom with her ex?

I dated this girl since she was a sophomore and I was a senior. I am now barely 20 and she is 18 (a senior in high school). We decided to take a break mid year so she could have a senior year and go to dances and stuff. Well we still act like we are a couple. We kiss. Cuddle. And hangout multiple times a week. I still refer to her as my girlfriend. She says we can get back together when she graduates. Well tonight she got asked to prom by her ex who I can't stand and she is going. She said she doesn't care who it's with because it's gonna be her second dance all of highschool (first being with me ). I have to let her go because I don't want to hold her back but gosh this is killing me. Girls what is your opinion? We had a huge argument tonight... Please give me some advise.


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  • It probably isn't a huge deal and isn't worth really arguing about. You should tell her that it bothers you, and ask her if you two have boundaries when it comes to other people. Can you and her kiss other people? Are there limits and boundaries set for other people outside of you two?

    • We have agreed not to kiss other people. I've told her it bothers me but like I said I can't hold her back. I just wish this didn't bother me so bad. We have agreed not to do anything with other people

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    • I tell her everyday

    • Is she worth waiting the next few months for and dealing with your jealousy?

  • You had no right to demand her not to go with her ex. It's not like she's dating you anymore.

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