Why dont guys ever ask me out or start something?


i think its just the only thing that happens--guys like me or are attracted to me but NEVER ask me out ever. It's been happening since i was 20. Even my brothers friend used to like me- but he never askedme out. even years later when he was getting married, someone asked him about it and he said he 'wasn't sure yet." he said that b/c i was there but he never has made a move on me. Guys who like me, or are attracted never do. The only man who did was a handyman who used to come and he was married- he and his wife were swingers so he tried to do sexual things with me, but nothing happened.

recently, a handyman guy came over. He was really cool and friendly and seemed like a really nice guy. Instantly I just kind of liked him. I mean I was drawn to him and almost mesmerized by him. I didn't want to say anything b/c I felt so strong. I'm a really pretty girl and i realized this is probably how people feel towards me- theyre really attracted and drawn to me and kind of get frozen and dont know what to say. He seemed to sort of like me too, but he wasn't making any moves on me. He did try to stay and talk about something and i was tryign to get his number. I didn't ask but he mentioned that his number was on his website for something. Before he left, he said "go to my website and sign in" I guess he meant leave my info. Who knows. why dont guys EVER like try something or try to ask you out for anything. I am a really pretty female, but still.. it's frustrating. im a girl and i almost could barely control myself around this guy and these men can control themselves around a really hot female. i dont get it

it seems they want the woman doing everything or chasing them
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i mean u could tell he stayed a little later just to talk to me more, or started asking questions about something. Like he wanted something to happen but was too scared to say something. Men are always scared of me b/c im pretty and it's frustrating. in the end i end up single
Why dont guys ever ask me out or start something?
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