WWhy dont men ask me out?

I was at work and my crush and i held eye contact and then a minute later he started talking to a guy nearby about whether he should ask a girl coworker out.
I didn't think 'oh he must be talking about me' but it just surprised me when i later heard that he actually asked another girl coworker out. Im guessing she said no cause soon after she started dating a different male coworker.
And later on even months after my crush apparently asked her out, i heard him gossipping to another guy basically criticizing the girl for making out in public with her boyfriend before work.

I never really got male attention even in middle school. I had a friend who kept getting asked out by a guy over and over despite her saying no. I figured she was desired cause she seemed smart in school and like she wasn't afraid to stand up for things she believed in. She was popular.

Then there was me, who always tried to look pretty and girly (nothing crazy, i was not slutty dressed or anything but i have just always been a girly girl into cute things and attire). I wasn't into any particular guy that much. I didn't really have like crushes necessarily. So boys werent really my goal. I really moreso thought about how i wanted to be popular and have status... that type of thing. Yeah. In middle school. LOL. But yeah maybe im just destined to like material objects and not have a man love me?
WWhy dont men ask me out?
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