Ex is throwing dirt on my name, but I don't know why?

I don't know what to think me and my ex have been broken up for 5 months, she's in a new relationship I haven't spoken to hear unless she contacts me first (which she does a lot) but after what I've heard I'm just going to shut her down completely.

one of her friends asked me "why did you treat her like shit" I replied "what do you mean" the most I've done was when we decided to go our seprate ways in July I hooked up with someone and she did to but that's all. Her friend gave me what she said:

My ex basically said:
i treated her like shit, would run around on her for 2-3 days then comeback. Would keep her away from her friends and family. Was just all this.

like I was never that type. This was the girl who I would tell "go spend time with your family" "who I would literally invite her everywhere I went" "would take her out once a week" "who I loved" but she turnt around and tell everybody I'm somebody I'm not.

in reality she's with someone new, but when she text me she's always telling me "you deserve someone better than me, the trouble I put you through haunts me"

it it just doesn't make sense why someone throws dirt on your name like this


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  • For some reason she is using you for a scapegoat. She tells you that she put you through trouble and it haunts her, but yet she has the need to blame you also. Sounds like she needs therapy to figure out her thoughts. I went through this with someone in my mid-twenties. It was an awful experience. If she tries to trash you to other people, don't worry because most people won't believe her anyway. Hang in there.

  • Sounds like she may have it in her head that she doesn't deserve you. She doesn't want her friends to think that so she made up bullshit about you being horrible when you weren't. Which also helps her move on cause she can try and convince herself it's true.

  • Sue her for defamation


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