How far into the relationship should your boyfriend or girlfriend become your first priority?

My boyfriend works all the time.. Even take extra jobs and when he is "free", he does stuff around the house. He works for his father. Once we went 16 days without seeing each other and finally went on a date only bc it was our 2mo anniversary (i dont do anniversaries unless its a milestone, he insists tho). I pratically have to beg him to spend time with me. Once he said "i have to make money, i'll see what I can do for you"... Ouch.

That all he ever says.. Money money money. Makes me feel like money is far more important. He doesn't pay rent or bill.. He lives with his parents (both of us are 19)
I understand he has to work but even on his free days he prefers to work than spend time with me. He says he wants to make money to be able to spend it on us.. Im not high maintaince and i prefer just being with him.. We can go to a park or hike. I'd be happy

I don't know, I just feel negleted and feel like I shouldn't but I just do. I would rather much spend time with my boyfriend than work all the time. Just a day. I rarely see him. Maybe once a week if im lucky. He says he loves spending time with me but it doesn't seem like it.

When we do see each other he would be all over me.. I think that a good sign.. Right? He is my first boyfriend.


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  • You should be very high on the list of his priorities, and if he doesn't make time to spend with you then somethings wrong. Im not saying y'all should break up just saying y'all should communicate with each other tell him. If he doednt try to fix things then you do something about it, its should be both of you, not just one doing all the work. It should take that long in a serious relationship to be someone priority. My boyfrie d has always been my top and I've been his top.


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  • Your first priority should be yourself, not your SO.

    • Then what's the point of being in a relationship? Both should be each other's priority. Im his spare time. Literally... "I'll see what i can do for you" is what he said when I asked when we can hangout or date.. Shows no effort.

    • I'm not saying you shouldn't prioritize your partner but you should put your happiness and well being first before theirs. It's not selfish, it's smart.

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