My boyfriend is so slow? Why?

It takes him forever to get ready. Today out vacation ended and he calls a uber driver to take us to the airport. The driver arrives. I head to the car and put my bags in the car. This dude STARTS to pack and make sure he has everything after the driver is in the driveway waiting. He then stops to have a cup of coffee. The driver and I are waiting for 15 minutes. I get annoyed (i didn't want to make a scene in front of his friends but he pissed me off) and I go back into the house to tell him to get it together. It still takes him an additional 5 minutes. It is like this all the time. Am I crazy? Would this annoy other people. Why does he wait to the last minute to do everything? Normal people get their things together a few minutes before calling a uber. Then I had to keep reminding him to call the uber because he wouldn't call. It was only 1 he before boarding. I mean dude is seriously slow and inconsiderate of people time. We also stayed in a hotel and he leaves his socks and shoes because AGain he waits to the last minute to pack everything up. I repeatedly told him to do a walk through, but he doesn't listen. It is annoying. Again anyone ever dealt, with this. Wtf is up with him?


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  • Some guys are simply slow movers by nature. Before you stress yourself out worrying about your slow boyfriend, talk to him about it. Talking with your man doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.

    Memorize these exact words, choose a good time, and ask.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

    • Girl but I have talked to him. I met his dad and even his dad gets annoyed and calls him out. I remember sitting there waiting on him to get ready to go to the gym. We aired 30 minutes while he made coffee and sat there. It is so annoying. He complains about other people being inconsiderate but he does crap like this.

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  • LOL that is tragic.
    My brother is the same way. I tease him that time moves differently for him. He's been like thay since a toddler and he's still like that. I fear there is no cure to slowness but it drives me batty. I try to help him to speed him along and lie about the time of things or change clocks

    • I think I am going to start leaving him if he acts like this. I am coming in the house, telling him he has 5 minutes. Right at the 5 minute mark I am driving off. He can find his own ride if he is too lazy to be on time.

  • omg at first I thought he was like my brother, just slow in motion but wow! Reading that annoyed.

    That is inconsiderate of him.

  • Oh my god i couldnt deal with him.
    Slow, late people are my ultimate pet peeve.