Why does boyfriend want to slow down all of a sudden?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 5 months now. Ever since our third month, i've texted love you at the end of good night texts but he didn't . I was fine with it because I knew I loved quickly. He started texting back 'love you' in his good night texts, about a month after I did, so i thought we were moving forward with our relationship.

One night, he got very drunk while I was sober. He said 'i love you' in person to me and I replied back. The next day, he never mentioned it and i didn't really bring it up. He did continue to text me 'love you' during good night so i thought everything was okay.

We used to not text everyday, having a habit of only texting every two days. I know that sounds weird but me and him are not texting people and we've known that since we met. However, he started to text me more often and all this so it was good.

One day I did post a photo of us on Facebook , saying that he is an amazing person and that i love him. One night, I did say 'i love you' to him sober and he heard it. Although he replied 'see ya'. On that same night, he texted me 'love you' when we said good night. For about a week, he became quite sparse. A couple of days ago, we spoke and he said that he felt as though we were getting too serious and that we should slow down.

I did ask if he wanted to break up. But he didn't want to, saying he still likes me and wants to be with me. I am his first girlfriend. What does everyone think? And what does he mean by slowing down?
Why does boyfriend want to slow down all of a sudden?
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