Girls, Why do girls whisper to each other when ever they see me?

When ever these girls see me they always whisper or run to each other when one of them sees me to tell there friends they work in a high end fashion store that I sometimes go into.


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  • I saw this question before.. Not sure if you're the same person who asked but I'm going to answer anyways. It probally means they think you're attractive and that's what they're whispering about. That's what I do with my girl friends when I see a cute guy.

    • Hi , what sort of things do you say. really confusing as they have been doing it for like a year now.

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    • Either they're scared of you. Or they think you're hot and like you but get nervous around you.

    • That's only a few the rest always smile and say hi. I must admit i do get a lot of attention of women apart from them.

  • Probably trying to determine whether or not you're gay

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