What does it mean if a girl doesn't reject you by saying she doesn't want to give an answer now?

I asked this girl out and she said she can't give an answer right now. She isn't going out with anyone. She said she ain't ready, I think she likes me though.

what does this mean?


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  • Maybe she is genuinely not ready. If you like her, please give her time and space, but show her you're interested, and when I say interested don't be half assed about it. Text her, ask her how she's doing etc. You have to excuse her as well, maybe she's been through a bad break up, or had bad experiences with guys who've hurt her before. Just show her genuine interest.

    • But is this saying I like you but I want to date you in the future if I still like you (hence why she didn't say no)

      Or is this saying I really couldn't care right now.

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    • I think she's playing around with the idea, I mean I don't know how she acts around you. But since you said she does like you, I think she is open to the idea of dating you, but just isn't ready in general at the moment.

    • This is really confusing but yeah. I think I'm gonna have to move on

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  • If you know that she isn't going out with anyone then she couldn't use the boyfriend excuse so if she didn't want to openly reject you that could be why. Or she has some interest in you however doesn't like you enough at this current time to want to go out with you, but would like to keep the option there. Most likely either one of those two. I'd move on if it was me.

    • I asked her if she was saying no to me explicitly and she said no that's not what she is saying. She just doesn't want to give me an answer now.

      Would you still move on or wait?

    • I definitely wouldn't wait for her, I'd move on... If she came back later and I wasn't with anyone, then I would go out with her.. But I definitely wouldn't spend time chasing her if she doesn't want to date right now. You've got to have some value.

    • You got a point