What does it mean when a girl doesn't say yes or no when you ask her out?

She told me she wants to get rid of her main priorities which i am guessing school..

I asked her if she wants to go out sometime in the future in person and she said yes and now i text her and she says this stuff now.

Should I wait, tell her to give me a call when she's ready or forget her?


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  • By her even saying that 'She wants to rid of her main priorities,' she is putting you on her pay no mind list and it's Obvious she is telling You----You're Not one of those priorities on the list.
    With her hymning and hawing and changing like the weather, consider her a lame duck with a bull bag full of excuses and it may just end up dead in the water.
    Keep it lite and semi sweet, don't wear your heart on your sleeve and don't too expect much from this little cold webbed footed one... I wouldn't even consider her anything but a fair weather friend just about now.
    With this text, your Only reply to the sly should Be: Okay, NP...
    Good luck. xx

    • Well she elaborated to me that she has exams so I mean I can take that into consideration right?

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    • I'll take that into much thought thanks!

    • you are so welcome..:)) xx

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  • Maybe she just has some stuff she needs to get out of the way but them again it would be nice if she could send you a couple texts so that you can see that she is interested. I think for now, just play it cool and see what happens.

    • Yeah, really I think I will,

      She confirmed it was exams for her semester. Though it's this mixed signals thing kinda bugs me so really I might not bring it up again and if she wants to go out then she can send me a text when she's not busy and wants to hang out.

      Otherwise I'll probably move on.

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  • you should...
    just wait, start casual conversation and work from there.
    she either is actually busy or is nervous about going out with you. but that doesn't mean she isn't interested because she didn't say no.
    just be a bit patient (if you are actually interested in her) and not to pressuring keep the door open but don't push her through. goodluck


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  • she doesn't like you back bro sorry if she did she would throw everything away for you

    • Throw away her school knowledge to like someone back? wtf? I don't get this

    • bro don't get hyped up i just gave my opinion man

    • Lol am not just questioning your opinion "bro".