What does it mean when a girl talks to you about relationships?

This girl and I have known each other for a while but we've only been really talking (a lot) for the past 2 weeks or so, so we're not amazing friends. I've started to like her and I try to drop hints, flirt, whatever, but I try not to be blatant about it since we've only been cool for a short period of time and she is a very shy girl. She's done stuff like grab my arm and put her head on it when we were taking a picture, hugging me after I asked for her number, texting me with a lot of smilies and laughing at everything I say. We've texted a lot (several hours almost every day) and talked on the phone for 2 hours one night, which I know is weird for her because she's told me she takes a while to get comfortable around people. We even hung out after school for a while one day. And yes, we talk a lot whenever I see her in person. She compliments me and says I'm cool, funny, whatever.

But anyway, lately she's been talking about relationships and being lonely and not having a boyfriend and stuff. It's definitely been a topic of conversation between us. I wouldn't say it's venting but it's definitely been open discussion from her about her feelings. What exactly does this mean? It's just weird, I wouldn't expect a girl who has trouble being comfortable and opening up to people to say this stuff to someone she just became cool with. Is she dropping hints or not?

Because consider this and the fact she told me one day that she doesn't want to lead me on and she wants things to be normal between us, and am I in the effing friend zone? When I put it all together, I think it seems like she likes me, UNTIL I get to this part...

It just sucks because I think we'd be really good together, especially if she's saying these type of things about boyfriends. Could use some help here, I can't get this figured out in my head.

So, what's up, and is there a better way I can answer her when she brings this stuff up that might not friend zone me if that is the case?
What does it mean when a girl talks to you about relationships?
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