What are the chances of me running into a Borderline on Tinder?

I swear to God I feel like the more I dissect these types of things the more excuse I find to feel fear towards women. I was just watching this video...

and me having been raised by a Borderline myself I have no choice but to agree with this guy. either way I have never gotten lucky using that app tinder and I think I told this to user here once in another one of my recent post. judging by how women behave there most of them treat the app like a normal dating app. they talk about how they aren't dtf and always asking what I do for a living like if they are out fetching for something serious. the others don't even respond when you talk to them, and if they do they only give you one word responses.

but oh well I have feeling that the ones who do use the way that app was made for, who are dtf and whatever will most likely be Borderlines. as the guy explained in the video Borderlines always tend to be that one person who is very open to having sex with just about anyone, so do you blame me for thinking that the probability of me running into a fucking Borderline through that dating app are at a large percentage?

someone please convince me no, before I officially delete this app and give up on humanity

before people jump the gun I would like to point out that Borderline is far more common in women than in men, which explain the main premises of this post.


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  • Video was too long. I really tried, got 2 min in. Lol

    - You REALLY are too scared about all of this shit. Why are you so afraid of so many things?

    • I don't know, I guess is just all the bullshit I was forced to live with growing up

    • I hope you can see it how I do. The world can and is a beautiful place, given a chance.

      It's not as scary as some of your questions seem to make it out to be.

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  • My first wife was a borderline and it was the worst 17 years of my life! I should have left much sooner. The video was an excellent description of what those women are like.

    Fortunately, borderlines are a small percentage of the population. The best response is not to shy away from all women but to get smarter about the women who you allow into your life. . . and to certainly not fall for any seductive and overtly sexual cutie who comes along and tells you, on your first date, that you are the best thing she ever met.

  • Instead of giving up on humanity, how about delete the app anyway and put yourself out there and make a bunch of friends?

    Sometimes I wonder if my wife is one of the few girls I dated without some kind of personality disorder. She's a free-spirited, fun-loving type, always calm.

    I used to pick up women in night clubs and bars a lot (actually went enough times to kind of get reasonably good at it). And I almost always found women who were at least a tad odd personality-wise.

    That's not to say women who attend these settings are all bizarre (some just go to have fun, drink, dance), but perhaps the ones who go there looking for men and are quick to go out with a total stranger might likely have some issues.

    Apps like Tinder don't seem that different to me from the clubbing and bar scene. From people's descriptions, it sounds like the peak of superficiality and not exactly ideal in terms of finding relationship material.

    I found my wife by networking in person. I made a few friends. Then met their friends, then their friends liked me, and introduced me to their friends, and so forth. To do that I had to cultivate a side of my personality and character that I realized attracted people. Pretty soon I had my calendars filled where it was like three birthday parties in a row back to back. And my wife was like one of those "friend of a friend of a friend" acquaintances. She was nice and I got to know her for a while as an acquaintance before we actually went on a date.

    Easiest way to avoid giving up on humanity is to immerse yourself in it. You start to develop extreme black and white views if you judge people more by what's on the media than the people who have fun in everyday scenarios.

  • Well first off, I don't think you need to fear women lol. Doing a quick google search, it looks like ~6% of the US population will experience BPD at some point in their lives. The vast majority of these people will be female. You're right that hypersexuality is a symptom of certain mental disorders like BPD, bipolar disorder, etc. Overall though, I think that you're being a bit paranoid. It's like saying "well there's a certain chance that I could get in a car accident, so therefore I'll never drive." Besides, I'm not really sure what the problem is. If you're interested in a one-time fling, then why would it matter if they have BPD or not (I doubt that they're going to rip your head off like a praying mantis or something lol? If you're interested in dating them, then just be on the lookout for odd behaviors. If something doesn't seem right, then just move on to the next girl.

    • "You're right that hypersexuality is a symptom of certain mental disorders like BPD, bipolar disorder, etc."

      is funny how you say this because one day I said something similar to this on a post on reddit and I almost had my head chopped off. but you see over here where I'm from its not that easy to just walk away and move on to the next one. judging from my male peers experiences most chicks here with hold eternal grudge on your ass once you spend one night with them and move on

    • First off, people online will rip your head off no matter what you say, so I wouldn't be too bothered by it. What I said was true though, some (not all but some) women with hypersexuality have psychological issues (like mental illness, history of abuse, etc.). You're right though that girls will be pissed if you break up with them. It's unfortunate, but it just comes with the territory. This is why it's best to date/sleep with girls outside of work, outside of your neighborhood, etc. That way, if anything goes bad, you're unlikely to run into them again. So yeah, at the end of the day, girls (BPD or not) will hate you for dumping them/moving on. I suppose you just have to accept that and proceed forward anyways (it's crass but true).

  • The odds are higher than when you befriend acquaintances in my opinion.