He seems interested but calls me "fam" sometimes, am I friendzoned?

I met this guy on Tinder 5 month ago. We had much in common but I admit I didn't like him in "that" way in the beginning. 3 weeks later, he asked if I only see him as a friend and I said "yes". Then he followed up with "do you think that may change in the future?" And I said "don't think so".
After that, he disappeared for like 2 months (despite having talked to me daily before)

About 3 weeks ago he started writing to me again and we continued talking like we used to, both on facebook and on Skype (last time our conversation lasted for 5 hours).

He even came over to my place last week and stayed for 3 days (the plan was just one night because we went to the movies and it was too late for him to take the bus back home). We did NOTHING sexual at all by the way, but sometimes he will "casually" touch my leg and stuff like that. He also texts me every day and wants me to come over to his place and makes it clear he wants to see me again.

I think i am starting to get feelings for him and wonder if I haven't made a mistake when i told him we can only be friends. I feel he's sending me mixed signals, and a couple of times he's even called me "fam" or "sister". Do you think I have I lost my chances with this guy?

Oh, and on one occasion he said he doesn't believe "the friendzone exists", when we were talking about relationsips in "general"

He seems interested but calls me "fam" sometimes, am I friendzoned?
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