What should I do when I haven't seen my boyfriend in a month?

So we have dated 2 months exclusively. I was seeing him once a week but then suddenly didn't he is saying he is always busy. He said he has stuff to do around the house and he is working and when he has his days off is when he is doing the stuff around the house and trying to get his car running again. I talked to him about it on the phone and he said that he still wants to date and be a couple its just that he is trying to "better his life" and find a new job (he hates his one he has now and works late nights) he is also an officer in the army reserves. We live about an hour away from each other. I haven't met his friends yet but when I asked him if I could he said sure. He is blunt and short when he texts me but when we talk on the phone its complete opposite and we have wonderful conversations. Should I believe him when he says he still wants to date? Should I just stick it out for awhile and see what happens? I really like this guy... we have talked for over 2 years before we started dating. I was the one that asked him to be my boyfriend. I don't know what to do. Some extra info I'm 21 he is turning 26 and we are not friends on fb ( not sure if its a red flag or if he just doesn't get on fb too much)


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  • not sure on this. I can understand a guy being busy and working on his life, but he could make some time for you to meet. My guess is this is dis integrating... he could have other girls he connects with and isn't being honest. It is hard to say, but doesn't sound good does it? not much of a boyfriend if he isn't there for you.


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  • honestly i feel like that's really shitty of him to do, usually in relationships so new you end up trying to see each other every day. I mean have been dating my boyfriend for 5 months now and he has to go away for work but he spends all three days a week he's back with me and now he's looking for work close to home just so that he doesn't have to leave me. I don't know i feel like should at least talk to him about this coz it's not right


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  • Sounds a bit odd that you two have been talking but aren't friends on facebook. And the fact that you haven't met his friends and not putting you as much of a priority could also be a factor in this. It sounds like he really wants to focus on his life more than dating. If you are ok with this, then by all means go give it a shot.

    But women need attention from their significant other. To make a relationship work, you need to prioritize each other above work and personal life. So i personally, wouldn't bother.

  • Consider yourself single and do single girl things.

  • You don't have a boyfriend.
    Like Caroe_N said... When u r together from 1-6 mo this... or 9 months... You can't get enough of ea other.
    He is not interested in you, you asked him to be yiyr boyfriend.
    He is leaning you on and busy with other dates.
    Drop him completeky so you can move on properly.
    There is no one on this world who is too busy for their friend, bf/gf... It's because they are too busy with other dates. And you are an option.
    My boyfriend used to call n text me 10-20 times daily...
    He wanted all my free time... I was busy, but he changed all his schedule to fit me into his life.
    My other ex. drove a girl home - 5 hours. They were only friends.
    So here are the reference fir you what friends, bf/gf do fir ea other.
    And what guys do to an option... They lead them on because they are selfish. even if he comes around to u, ( doesn't seem like he will) he will only use u...
    Sorry if I m being harsh... Just don't want you to be waiting around.

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