Why are black men so desperate for white girls?

It seems that black men get soo happy when they're dating a white or latina or Asian girl, its sooo funny..
I let a black guy take me to winter formal in high school and he was so happy.
He would walk proud and head high up like he was something big for walking next to me blonde blue eye girl, he would smile at people looking and wink.
But i made it clear the next day that he was nothing more than a friend..
Nothing about skin color but i just dont find blacks attractive but it doesn't mean that its impossible for me to date one.

I've dated just 1 guy who was Latino and the rest are all white. But he was a super cute brown Latino but its just a lot easier to find cute guys that are white, sorry but it just is.
But its funny how black guys get soo happy and they like to show everyone but it only makes them look low to be honest..
I've never seen a different ethnicity to act like that, my ex never even cared if i was white.
What is so special about us? :')
Why are black men so desperate for white girls?
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