Is it just courtesy to kiss someone the morning after?

just say you've just hooked up with a guy/girl you are friends with but don't really know them that well for the first time, and granted you were a little drunk.if he gave you a kiss goodbye in the morning is that any sign that he likes you or is it just courtesy?


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  • I'd say it's a little of both. It depends on the guy though. Some may feel obligated that they should kiss you in the morning after all that happened so it's not just like a "hi, lets have sex. okay we're done, bye," deal. I'm sure there's a lot of men out there though that don't feel the need to do that out of courtesy and it may because he has feelings for you, but from what I know, most men don't start to get feelings for you over a one night stand. On the other hand, some guys say they only hook up with girls if there's some kind of connection there. Like I said, it depends on the guy. Maybe he did feel a slight connection with you and maybe he didn't. See if you ever talk to him again. If he likes you enough, he'll make an effort to make more plans with you other than just hooking up.


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  • Kissing doesn't really mean anything. Heck I've kissed many guys and some were friends which they still are, some were just kissing buddies, and some were boyfriends. If he kisses you again later then it meant something. It could have been a I just can't kick her out w/o kissing her that would be awkward me guys do that. Sometimes that drunk stuff can just be awkward after you're sober and no one talks about events like that again.