If im really that hot and cute then why im still single?

as above, that really bothers me, i constantly keep getting compliments by men and women, that they think from my outlook, im hot, (im pretty tall and curvy type, but im a Asian girl so might be alittle different from the usual standard Asian look) im funny as well and seems fun to hangout with, but usually when they asked me about y status, they always surprised that im still single, and they were like, i think you are too picky! NO, i mean, not many guys approach me at all, (at least to me YES, not much) well, to make it clear, maybe those who i dont find very attractive usually are those who came and approach me, on some level i felt like losing alittle confident cos i always feel like, is that something wrong about me not being approachable? and why i only attract to guys i dont like,
Those guys who seem very attractive to me, usually we flirt or maybe went out a date or two, they pretty soon hinting sex and it seems like they just want to have sex or flings thats about it. And I dont think it count as picky when you dont want to settle down with someone who you don't find them attractive isn't it? Then i started to think, meh, i dont think im like that hot like you guys said? i dont know, maybe something wrong about me.

i did ask my guys friends, one or two saying im hot but people might find me intimidating, ok i admit i do have a RBF, i might look very confident from outside but i guess deep inside i know it isn't the reality, im alittle self-conscious. I reach a point im really frustrated about the fact its so hard to date these days, comparing to the past, yes, i dont jump into relationships like when i was young but is it that hard to just find a decent boyfriend? no dramas and i miss the time having a relationship!

If im really that hot and cute then why im still single?
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