Is there a difference between dating and settling down for a real, serious relationship?

Or is it just all the same? Like with dating, do people actually look to make marriage, down the line, an objective? Is dating all just for fun?

There's kinda more to what I'm asking as well but it's incredibly hard to put into words... lol

What do you think?


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  • In general it depends on the girl and their age... when a girl hits 20 and is no longer a teenie bopper I'd say she is looking for the right man to settle down with. Dating... I think this is more looking searching and defacto (living together) is more on the settle down side.

    Its a hard question to answer as I think it will be different for everyone because of where they grew up their morals nd their personality.

    What are you looking for?

    And please try put what your asking into words say it how it, is be honest, straight from the heart, I sure we will get what your trying to say.

    To me Dating is having fun until a time when the relationship either turns serious defacto or breaks up. The idea of dating is to find the right one, but for many people (men usually) its more of a bit o fun... but I could be wrong? And yes I know for sure there are some girls out there who are out for a bit of fun too. Glad to say I wasn't one of them,not that that's a bad thing. I was pretty clear on what I wanted and was honest about it.


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  • In my opinion, dating is where you are getting to know someone and you are not exclusive. For me that also means you are not having sex. Once you decide to exclusively see each other and you become intimate (depending on your age and beliefs could be kissing, could be sex) you are in a relationship. Whether that means you are both thinking of marriage one day or not, well that may not necessarily be the case, but it does mean you are in a relationship. I hope this helps.

  • Dating is a broad topic. From looking for some action to looking to settle down. If you're looking to get married, you should try to make it clear with the person you're out with. For example, you could talk about houses. Say "I like that house across the street, I hope to live in a house like that one day" . Or, you could talk about babies, like maybe there's a cute baby across the room, and you say "Oh, look at that cute baby. I hope to have one as cute as him one day."

  • I think of 'dating' in general as going out with someone or several people. And it's kind of like you're just "seeing" someone, but you're still getting to know them and you're not officially anything yet. Just just dating. But then the term 'dating' can also mean when you're in a serious relationship with someone, and you've committed to them and all that.

    I guess it's kind of confusing... But when I'm "dating", I'm not specifically looking for anything short or long-term. Just whatever happens, happens. I might find someone and only be with them for a couple of months, or I could end up married to them even though that's extremely rare since I'm young and everything.

    I think some people will say their out there, "dating again" and then it's like they're just having fun and not looking for anything serious, so it really just depends on the person and what they consider it to be.


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