How to stop being insecure about my inexperience?

I am a really shy 24 year old guy, and have never had any experience with a women.

This makes me really insecure, sad, and lowers my confidence...

It feels like most girls my age have gone through love, heart break and have had sex with at least two guys...

I haven't done any of that, So I have no idea what I am doing... and me being inexperienced and shy I have no clue on how to get a girl :(

My second problem is, I know I have to accept it... but I feel weird not being a girls first... because of my own insecurity... I really don't know why I feel weird, but I sometimes have trouble accepting it...

How to stop being insecure about my inexperience?

Girls don't really like inexperience, so if I am myself... it's a massive turn off :(

If I play it cool, act confident... I do a lot better but I get really anxious as things progress and end up slipping and ruining everything.

What to do?


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  • Lmfao! I'm turning 25 this Friday coming and I've never had a boyfriend or had sex either. I just haven't found anyone who's worth having a relationship with. Been on dates, wasn't physically attracted to them and hand nothing in common with them. We aren't the only ones, there are plenty if people in the same boat as us. I have no issues with confidence, I'm. knowledgeable but inexperienced. I'm not ashamed of it either. I'm just not the type who enjoys sleeping around for the hell of it. I'm also quite fussy about guys. Its important for me to find the balance of physical attraction, personality and compatibility before I consider getting into relationships. Try to stay focused on what you are doing, taking baby steps at a time is good start. Don't try to rush things.

    • Thanks for MHO.

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    • I hope so, There's not too many girls in my everyday life anymore :( so no one has a crush on me.

      Just feeling insecure, everyone is hooking up, has friends with benefits, girls have had boyfriends and lots of sex... and I'm happy for them, but then they get hurt and realize that they want a guy like me... and it just makes me feel second choice... And I hate that... but is it something I have to accept?

      Happy Birthday btw!

    • Do you not get out much or something?
      I don't either, due to lack of funds.
      Most people go through life making poor choices picking the bad apples because they are easier to get. Some of them never learn by their mistakes. Some people are happy with no strings arrangements, some of them and are just out for one thing and don't care who they hurt in the process. Thanks, my birthday was 2 weeks ago. :) good luck. Hope you find someone soon.

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  • It takes practice. Don't let it control your life but don't give up on it either. If you act like it's not so important and that you're dating a girl for yourself, then your confidence will go up.

    • Hmmm okay, thank you.

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  • Try to gain experience by getting a fuckbuddy.

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