Keeping a girl warm?

I know this guy who is a casual friend (for lack of a better word) and we have some mutual friends so we tend to hang out in a group of people.

Last night I met my friends at a bar but was late getting there and they were deciding if they wanted to stay or move on to the next bar, so half of them came out and about half of them stayed inside. We were standing there, trying to figure out what was going on. It was FREEZING, so I was standing with my arms crossed and my hood up, and he asked me if I was cold. I said yes and he said he would keep me warm and put his arms around me so I was facing my head against his chest. We stood like that until they decided to go back inside. It happened a few more times while we were outside and I'm wondering what it all meant. *We were both driving so neither of us had been drinking, so it wasn't the beer talking lol*

Guys- do you usually keep girls you're not interested in warm like that?


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  • well...ill just ask...How does he behave around you normally?

    well first of all...Many guys have this "Protect-The-Girls" mechanism built into them...especially if they have a sister...

    and it kicks in when any female (that is not ugly or ...unattractive I'd say) is "suffering" being cold or not...

    its quite normal for feels awkward I guess...but if its friggin freezing...the guy actually would want someone to hang on to...and not a guy...cuz it looks gay...and feels just wrong...

    so...dont overthink that...if you decide you like him and he behaves nicely around may as well start flirting with him and see what can come out between you!

    or you can just leave it at that... :D


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  • I usually hang out in a large group with several of my female friends in it, and if a girl is cold, I will warm her regardless if I am interested in her or not. If I actually am interested in her though, I will probably do more of what he did to you, rather than just an arm around the shoulder or something like that. But every guy is different.

  • I very well agre with the last guys answer but also some guys, if they are interested in a girl, find it easiest to express that phyisicaly (not sexualy) so if he is intrested or not depends on if he trya to be close to you at other times to and his general actions.


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