Why do I get ZERO likes on Tinder?

I have good looking pics of myself, show a brief but adventurous profile, it shows that I have a good job. What else can I possibly do? lol

You think at least one attractive girl that I've dropped a like on would maybe do the same!

One thing that I don't say is that I'm not into hook ups at all and it's true. I would like to meet a serious girl if at all possible. I know there are lots of girls like that on there too. Should I include this detail?


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What Girls Said 1

  • You are either unlucky or they just do not consider you attractive.

    • Literally hundreds of girls? I'm picky and don't swipe right near as often as most, but over time I've swiped right a lot, and still nobody? I can't believe that I'm THAT unattractive.

    • Even among younger women (that are supposed to think older guys are more attractive lol.)

What Guys Said 1

  • Don't have selfies. Have one good face photo of you, one full body pic and one where you're out doing something.

    • I do, that's the thing.