Guys, why does my boyfriend like to lick my face /arms/neck etc at random? Is this something a lot of guys do?

My boyfriend and I are a few months into seeing eachother. Recently, he started doing this funny thing while we cuddle, where he will act like he is going to kiss me, but he actually just licks my face /neck/ shoulder etc instead. Any guys out there like to do this as well? If so, why? I don't particularly like it, but I tried to just think of it as him being goofy and playful so that I didn't feel annoyed by it either. Just wondering why guys do this...


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  • hehe LOVE to do this hehe. they think they are geting a kiss and bam LICK.

    just depends on the mood. but just being playful in general. if i get upset i can be more annoying with it. when i use to get mad at her i would be slobbery and slick her across the face kind of like that ghost on ghost busters lol. omg that pissed her off so much. but it always cheered me up. licking other areas is sexual like the neck and shoulders. u can still be playful but its also erogenous zones. tahts why some guys like to nibble or lick their gfs necks. the ear lobes are another. they are like little baby cat necks :) it paralyses them lol kinda.

    so yes, long story short its playful and teasing, but light annoyance because he wants to see u get poutty hehe :). rile u up or what ever u want to call it. its not being mean though, even when i was mad i was still being playful i was just trying harder to upset her ;) lol. some times she would chase me over to the bed ;)

  • It sounds like goofiness. I'd never do it.