Will the guy I cut off for being non-committal come back to me?

Hi guys, so I'm in my junior year of college, and I've been talking to this really handsome guy for the past two months. We met at a party, I was sober, he was really into me, asked for my number, and said that he wanted to see me again. He texted me the next day and asked if I wanted to get coffee that week, which we did, and then he took me out to dinner the Friday of that week. We went to the library a few times together, we went to a football tailgate concert together, we went to the movies, and have been hanging out at least once a week. The one problem is that he is not a texter, and when he does text, he takes about half an hour or more to answer each text. Whenever I was around him though, it seemed like his phone was always blowing up with texts from his friends so I didn't get it. I tried not to let it bother me too much though because it's just texting. We've hooked up multiple times, but I made it very clear to him that I did not want sex outside of a relationship. He still continued to talk to me and hang out with me, so I assumed he wanted something more serious if he didn't care about sex. The only problem was that he didn't ask me to hang out a lot and would only text me once or twice a week but he would always come up to me in public whenever he saw me. We've been talking for about two months now, and two days ago, I went over to his apartment to watch a movie, and I decided to have the talk with him because I'm not the girl to just hook up and he knows that. So I asked him where he sees "this" going and what his intentions were, and he basically told me he doesn't date and he had bad experiences in the past. He told me he really likes me and I told him the same, but I told him I'm valuable and I dont wan't to just be one of the many girls he's seeing. I kissed him and hugged him goodbye, so I left on good terms, and I decided I was going to cut him off. I miss him now. Do you think he might reach out to me? Did I make the right move?


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  • Non committal means he won't commit to you personally. Forget him and move on

    • I don't want to lose all hope though... we didn't have an official goodbye. If he really likes me, he'll change his mind and reach out to me I feel. I'm hoping that once he sees what he's losing, he'll reach out but who knows.

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    • He was lying. Guys use that no sex line as a way to get the target to lower her defences and thereby thinking he really does have feelings for her. The part that shows he's only out for sex is when he told you he doesn't date and has had bad experiences. I don't believe his bad experiences excuse and since he doesn't date that means he's only out to fuck

    • I completely agree and thought that was bull when he said that. Thanks for your insight!

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  • That guy is only interested in one night stands. You should not run back to him, even if he reaches out to you. You made the right move.

    • Why did he plan dates with me and hang out with me in public? I feel like a player would want to avoid me in public. He knew for a fact that he wasn't going to get sex from me, and he made little comments like "oh this isn't going to work out" jokingly which implied he did feel something between us and he wanted to meet my friends and stuff. That's why I feel like it's possible he had serious feelings for me but he's not used to it cause he usually just hooks up with girls, no strings attached. If he contacted me and proved himself to me, I feel like I would give him a chance but I'm not going to count on that. Guys are so stupid with their mixed signals!!