Does this mean he never cared about me?

So I had been hooking up with this guy and he told me many of times that he liked me, however he never verbalized any commitment on his part, so we were basically fuck buddies. I would bring him food, go over there for sex literally whenever he wanted, and we would have what I call little "pseudo-dates" meaning sometimes we would watch a movie together and order a pizza, but I wanted a real relationship, as I definitely cared for him. Then one day (don't bash on me!) I told him that I was talking to another guy and that I shouldn't sleep with him anymore out of respect for the other guy, basically trying to gauge his level of care for me, (I know it's wrong and dumb, but we've all done stupid things). He then replied "Ok.. Good luck.. and thanks for the info" I was like "sorry" and he's like "There's no need to be sorry". Does that mean he doesn't care or did he do that just to save face?
Does this mean he never cared about me?
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