Why did he say I hurt his feelings when he told me did not care about me?

Met a guy at local store. He would stare, smile, tease and joke around. Also stop talking to others to talk to me when I arrived. I felt a great connection between us

As time went on I asked for his number. He would text an say he's at work bit busy but still texted back. Also called on his lunchbreak at work.

After week or so asked to meet. We did at like 3am it wasn't booty call he knew I was virgin. We talked about our lives and enjoyed a talk in his car. He asked for a kiss an hugged me when he dropped me home.

He put arm around me an kissed my cheek. Said we will go to dinner soon. He said he moved here for work an that family is in london. I said what about getting to know me any point? He said yeah can come down weekends

So days after we keep in touch. Two weeks goes by I question whats up he says just busy at work. be understanding. After a nearly a month not seeing him I call saying whats up not gonna see me again? He said if I get time why not. He sounded so casual about it saying friends seeing where it goes. If ir wasn't for me callling I wouldn't here from him. An he said not like your my wife or we been together years. He said he wants to know me last week an that somethings there between us. I've asked to see him 5 times sincs our meet up. he's either sleeping off 12hr shifts or working. But I compromised and stayed up to try see him an called at crazy hours. He charmed me with babe, baby, princess madd me think I was special to him. Today I say meet me later at last resort he says no going straight home dont wait up an plus dont think this is gonna workanyway. Knowing he's not done anything to enable it to my blood boiled. I pleaded an he said dont want a girl. So all along he didn't want a gf hencs his behaviour an excuses. an said go away leave me alone. I said so you saying you dont care for me he said thats what im saying bye.

I then sent him texts saying waste of time and big mistake. Also that there's better guys then him

He then said after I told him how horroble he is. On phone he said dont call again done and dusted now. He said leave me alone before then and was rude it was ok for him to upset me but he didn't likeit when he got it back
Said everything in anger. Wish I never met u an that he's a loser. Glad I didn't give him time of day when I first met him. As my instinct said fake charming guy.


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  • Crappy luck for you. He isn't interested, and hasn't been seriously interested since the beginning. He was just giving it a test drive to see if he could get something without much effort. I understand you are a virgin, but everybody who has ever slept with anybody was a virgin at one point, so that doesn't mean anything to a guy on the prowl.

    He figured he could just string you along a bit and see if he could wear you down while he was living his own life. But you got pretty attached, and he had to make a decision to either cut his loses and run or have to put up with you calling him all the time. He cut his loses.

    He was playing you, unfortunately. And that is such a shitty thing to have happen when you start feeling like you might have a potential boyfriend.

    You are right, he is a loser. So you need to just not call him, not let him call you, cut all contact, and start moving on to a guy who is going to treat you right.

    • Playing me how

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    • A player doesn't try to get sex right away in every single instance. Even a player knows when moving way too fast can backfire. The fact he didn't try for sex on a first date doesn't mean he wasn't telling you things that he didn't mean in a way to lower your guard and make you more comfortable for him to treat you in a certain way.

    • I can not label in a player as I've met and dated real players an he's not like them in anyway to be honest. Only he knows his intention. I can't just take someone who hasn't met him word for it especially when your very convinced he's a player lol. he's far too lazy an laidback for that brand he's focused on work and doesn't want. Gf I havr to accept that. well he never tried anything or fed me lines tbh with u

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  • Sounds like you dodged a bullet.

    I'd venture a guess that he was playing on emotion saying what he said and possibly just wanted a one night stand. Since you didn't give in, he moved on to other women who were loose

    • Im not sure that was the case but thanks

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    • Did his interest or behavior change once you declared that?

    • No as I said he asked me out when he knew that

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