Why do I attract nerdy guys?

There's nothing wrong with being nerdy; I'm /very/ nerdy, on the inside, when I feel really comfortable around someone. And I'm that one kid at the party who doesn't drink and gets an ill stomach by cigarette smoke.
On the outside, I'm a brown girl growing out a shaved head, is athletic (I run, dance, and used to kickbox) and dresses in simple, but flattering clothes (most of my clothes are black, cream, white and sky blue; I usually wear high rise jeggings with a fitting turtleneck and navy Dr. Martens oxfords). I'm polite to everyone, but may be seen as very serious by some, and I'm very smart.

But looking back, I've noticed that the guys who were interested in me (or at least really, really seemed to be) were really nerdy guys, to the point that it seems like a movie (lanky, glasses, scarily intelligent, etc). Some were cool, some were creepy (like any other guy could be), I've dated none, never been asked out/I just don't think much about dating.

But what could it be that attracts these nerdy guys? What do they like? I don't get it.

And it changed in college, but in high school there was the same thing, only the jocks were rude to me (this was before I shaved my head, I did that in college). Now, the "jock" guys either say nothing to me or are respectful (but not super-duper friendly)


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  • Perhaps they see themselves in you.. i dunno haha
    I've been attracted to nerdy girls, butch girls, and even girly girls but they all had some significant parental issues (daddy/mommy issues), but i doubt that's a major force in that matter. Probably the same case here.
    Don't think about it too much and only date the people you find interesting and attractive

    • I don't really have parent issues, but I see what you mean.

      And you're right about not thinking about it too mch and just date guys that I like.

    • Yeah i just meant sometimes there is coincidences like that, not everything happens for a reason. Whats bothering you about this anyways? attention is always good right?

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  • The last sentence could be telling. Maybe (I'm about as big a nerd as you can get), they see you're not part of that clique and from the get-go you're more approachable to them

  • be happy you have had anyone interested in you. i don't have the luxury to ask something like that

  • So what are you looking for, the local Tom Brady?

    • I'm not looking for /anyone/, they come to me!

  • I don't know maybe they just like your style.

  • You shaved your head?

    • Not bald! I guess that was a bad description; it was more of a buzz-cut, it's a little longer now. (Maybe 3 inches total)

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    • 1. Wanted a new look, I wore the same two hairstyles (long and straight, long and wavy) since the 6th grade.
      2. My hair was very damaged by chemicals (long, long story, so I'll skip most of it); it was long, but limp, dry, wouldn't hold any style, brittle--I was embarrassed and wore it in a bun every day (which didn't help). The fastest and best way to save my hair was to cut the damaged, which was a great deal if it. I'm growing it back out and can definitely see the difference.

    • Haha cool 😜
      I don't know why you attract nerdy guys
      But let's go and have some ice cream 🍨

  • The funny thing is that I am a bit of a nerdy guy and athletic girls like you are attracted to me. I can't understand it either.


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  • I assume it's just a coincidence.


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