Single for a year challenge - Think it'll work?

So I've not had the best luck in the dating scene this last year. Lots of no good situations. It's been bumming me out, and I know I'm meant for better things. I'm a confident gal, and know I need a break from guys.

So this New Years, I've decided to start a 1 year single challenge. No boyfriends or dates for 365 days. The occasional one night stand is allowed... for sanity purposes lol. I've never done this before, but I'm pretty excited to just focus on me, no dating drama.

But one of my friends is convinced that it won't work. She says that as soon as you "turn yourself off" from dating, that's when guys come out of the woodwork wanting your attention and that it will make it tough for me to stay on track.

So opinions! Think it can be done? Or do you think it's a pipe dream?
Single for a year challenge - Think it'll work?
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