Difference between liking someone, falling for someone and being interested in someone?


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  • When interested, you probably don't know this person too well, but somehow/someway, they caught your eye whether it be looks, passions, intellect, etc

    When you like someone, you value them. That being said, you can like someone without finding them attractive. When you like someone, they can usually make you smile, since they're already a great person to you, whether they be attractive to you or not.

    When you're falling for someone, you'd consider a relationship. This person is lovable to you, and can make you feel good or bad, depending on their behavior concerning you. Typically they can make you feel this way at any given moment.

    • Oh ok. Wonder if there are any ways or actions that show the difference of falling for someone Vs. Liking them.

    • Well generally, if you like someone, you'll probably be more comfortable around the person, even if you find them attractive enough to consider a relationship. If you like someone, they will always be able to make you smile, but if they merely like you without falling for you, they won't pursue anything. That being said, a person can like you while only staying interested in a friendship only in this case.

      If you're falling for someone, your actions around them will matter to you, and nervousness may appear because of it. The person may even flat out ignore you because they're too nervous, because they really care about the probabilities of a relationship, and so they'll try to over analyze things, making them nervous, since they're afraid of messing things up.

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  • Interested = you don't know this person well or not at all, but wouldn't mind learning more about them. Liking = you know them and you think they are decent human beings, doesn't mean you want to date them or anything else. Falling = you imagine that you might have a great time spending quality time with this person, but there is no guarantee.

    • So what would you say considering them as a potential boyfriend would be?

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