My boyfriend never gets me gifts. Is it normal if I get upset?

My boyfriend is very wealthy. We have been together for almost 2 years. But he never surprises me with any gifts. It’s only on first dates, he looked like he’s a romantic guy and bought me a ring just to tell the others that I’m already in a relationship. First year I celebrated my birthday, he asked me to go for a dinner, I appreciated it. But he never gave me flowers or got me any gifts.

On Valentine’s day still nothing to receive. I always got him gifts on special occasions and on the days I look something that reminds me of him, I bought it, I did a very good gift packaging, designed my own card for him and his reaction was like, “are you not doing anything at work?”. Everytime we passed by Florist, I always asked him why I never got one. Silence and he suddenly talked about other topic.

When it came to even his uncle’s/ aunt’s birthday, we could go to Louis Vuitton to find jackets/ shirts/ bags. But he never bought me anything. I don’t ask him to buy me luxury presents (as I believe he could afford so much luxury presents). It’s just the little things he missed for some occasions I thought were special.

2nd birthday I’m with him, he even forgot to wish me happy birthday until I asked him. That’s what made me think he didn't get anything for me, again. And thats right. He barely says I’m beautiful, never “wants” to kiss me. But he makes me think that he loves me. Maybe I’m just blind? Is it normal if I think too much about this?

I am very happy finding perfect gifts for him (I’ve been saving money so that I can buy him good gifts). He even knew that the gifts I bought for him could cost as much as my monthly income per gift. But it would cost a litttttle for him to get me a bucket of flower, right? He owns his company so I think time isn’t the matter. I’m so confused.
My boyfriend never gets me gifts. Is it normal if I get upset?
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