When a Boyfriend says goodnight and stays online on WhatsApp for hours after that, does it mean he is cheating?

I am in a long distance relationship. Our time difference is like 13 hours. So when I am at work at 1pm, it is 12am for him, and he is just about to sleep. We wish each other goodnight every day.

In the last couple of days, I have noticed, he wishes me good night earlier, around 10:30pm his time, but I notice him going online and offline on WhatsApp. And finally only sleeps around 2am. So very likely he is chatting with someone else on WhatsApp after he claims to be going to sleep.

A few other important points - he doesn't usually use WhatsApp cos he SMSs his other friends. As far as I know, I am the only person he WhatsApps. So this is really a distinctive change in his behaviour.

Am I being paranoid, or has he started talking to another girl? He might not have physically cheated or gone on a date yet, but I can't shake this gutt feeling he has met someone else.


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  • Yes, he is cheating.

    • That's what I thought ☹️

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    • Regardless, he is emotionally invested in others, and lost interest in me.

    • I understand.

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  • Are you certain he didn't fall asleep with the application open? That can happen.

    • That doesn't happen on an iphone. And I saw him on and off, at least 2 times.

    • Then it might be likely, but I wouldn't be a 100% sure. What if he was talking to a friend or something?

    • As I mentioned in my description, as far as I know I am the only person he chats to on WhatsApp. The only time he looks at it is to text me or read my texts to him. This pattern changed in the last few days. Also, in the best scenario when he is talking to his Friend, he still has good night to me, saying he is really exhausted, but talks to his Friend. That shows that he is ignoring me with excuses.

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  • Not necessarily

    • Yes, not necessarily. But don't you think it is likely? Especially considering the other factors I mentioned in the question?

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    • Thanks. Appreciate your opinion.

    • My pleasure

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