Guys, Was he going to ask me out but then chickened out?

This guy seems to like me. He goes to my church. He stares @ me when I’m not looking. Sometimes he can’t look me in the eye when he talks to me. I caught him staring & he didn’t look away. He compliments my singing every time I do a solo. He compliments my clothes. I gave him my number in a card at Christmas & he hasn’t made a move. He said he had zoned out.. but he seemed embarrassed. He doesn’t approach me very much. The Sunday before last.. he was staring when the preacher was talking during the evening service. He kept touching his hair looking away then looking back. I saw out of the corner of my eye. We came out of the sanctuary.. he was behind me but to my right. He was looking @ me w/his mouth open. I turned & said I hoped he was feeling better.(He had been sick). He said yes. Then he asked if I was busy. I said no not really.. I just crochet. He asked what I was making.. a blanket. what colors is it.. red, orange, it is leaves.. It's a fall blanket.. yes.. Are you making it for someone or making it for yourself? myself. Then he said he had to go to the bathroom. I turned around, smiled, & said have a good week. He said you too. This past Sunday he was holding the door open for people to go in the new building. When I got to the door he said he liked my red dress. I've worn it before.. it wasn't new. I even wore it to the Christmas Cantata. I sat down in a chair, turned around & was talking to the people behind me. He was standing @ the back of the room & had turned to face me. I saw him out of the corner of my eye again. he was smiling & staring at me. I recently friended him on facebook and he accepted.. but I’ve been afraid to chat with him in the chat. I feel like I have been putting myself out there but all he does is hint. I’m embarrassed because he isn’t doing anything…but I can see he is nervous. Why did he ask if I was busy? Was he going to ask me out but then chickened out? Help! I don't have much experience!
He also sat by me in Sunday School & kept moving around in his seat. He kept crossing & uncrossing his legs different ways. He brushed his hand on his jacket. He fixed his jacket. He touched his hair. He even started breathing a little deeper when he was sitting by me.


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  • He definitely likes you but he's nervous. It'd be great if you could just go up to him and ask him out on a date but that might just scare him off. Try and find a subtle way to let him know that if he were to ask you out that you'd say yes, and then just wait. It might take longer than you want but it's your best option.


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