Do guys like being called sweet?

How would you feel if you ask a girl why she's interested in you and she said because you seem like such a sweet guy. Is that a turnoff? Would u dislike the fact that she use the word "sweet"? Is it too girly? For the record, if all goes well, I do NOT plan to friendzone him. What other word can I use if it's not a flattering word.

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  • sweetie cutie handsome there all fine if you use it in the right context


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  • Personally, it's a mixed bag. I love when someone thinks I'm sweet, but I've had too many rejections that start with, "You're really sweet, but..." As a result, it's a complicated feeling to me.

  • Some guys might not like it but I'll accept pretty much any compliment

  • In my experience it feels emasculating to be called sweet by someone you are not already romantically involved with.

    • Emasculating! That was the word I was looking for! That's what I was afraid he'd think I was trying to do.. emasculate him. Not at all. I think he's nice and I want to give him a chance to see where things could go

    • Given the cliche of friendzones it's hard to compliment thoughtfulness without making guys feel emasculated. Perhaps the compliment with a nice peck on the lips would give better indication of your meaning.

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