Guys, which girl should be my next girlfriend (two choices)? I can't decide?

I'm talking to two girls I really like and I like them both the same. They also like me back but it's time to make a big move on one.

Girl 1: we are the same age (21). She works at Starbucks. She's really calm and relaxing. She scares me a bit though. She is super hot and has a lot of instagram followers. She goes to school majoring in English. She wants to be an English teacher.

Girl 2: She is okay looking. She might be a 6 if I'm being nice. She is very sweet and nice. She just got out of a two year relationship a few weeks ago. She is very funny and we both laugh a lot together. I'm happier with this girl because we have more in common. She works at a nail salon and also wants to be a teacher like girl 1. She still has popularity though from her instagram account and other social networks but not nearly as popular as girl 1. She has no body whatsoever. No boobs or butt but I don't really care.

I like them both the same. I like girl 1 more because she's been single for a while and she is super hot. However, Girl 2 is more experienced in relationships and kinda knows what I want more.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • umm if you're going to talk about girl 2 like she ain't shit compared to girl 1 then stick with her. That's pretty freaking rude. Seems like you're just looking for someone to hookup with. So you already know what you want.

    • What the heck? I like them both. I'm just being honest. girl 1 is way hotter but girl 2 has a better personality

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    • a 5 isn't ugly. girl 2 is basically cooler.

    • its 5 numbers lower than 10. why would you want someone you rate as a 5? and why would she want to be with a guy who thinks she's a 5?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Neither, but if you're going to do this as crazy as this sounds make #2 your one and only.


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What Girls Said 2

  • u dont deserve Neither of them. What rating are u. If those girls knew your like this then they won't want to date u

    • and why does it matter how many followers they have. who cares

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    • You need to relax. everybody does this. everybody. even you posted a selfie asking guys to rate you

    • So it wasn't someone else though it was me u just sounded like a bam the way u rated at marked the girls

  • are both of them interested in you? calling a girl you like a 6 is kind of weird. where do you rank the other? and yourself?


What Guys Said 1

  • It doesn't matter because after the infatuation stage and he honeymoon period, both girls will lose interest. But you will discover this for yourself (along with hypergamy).

    It is unwise to get involved with any girl that has just got out of a long term relationship so go for girl number 1.


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