How long should I wait for him to ask me out?

I've have liked my friends brother for a while now. I think he likes me too but he still has not asked me out. At what time should I cut my losses and move on?


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  • Well I happen to have recently been in your exact situation, where my sister's friend and I had a crush on each other for a while before I got her her favourite flower and asked her out on Valentine's day. Anyways, in this scenario if the guy takes extra time to spend talking to a girl he only knows through his siblings, he's likely at least a little interested. If he talks to you first and is the one who starts conversations a lot then I'm willing to bet money that he's interested. If he isn't making any moves though, he may be shy like I am and be waiting for a good time to ask in private. But the girl in my case told me she'd have given me 3 chances to ask her out before deciding to be the one to ask.


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  • You can ask him, you know...


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  • lol you must really like this guy to be constantly ask questions about him
    of the topic of your question, Why don't you ask him out? you like him to, so there no reason why you shouldn't. If you don't want to for whatever reason then either wait for him to make his move or move on.

    • How do you know it's the same guy? 😋
      I could ask him
      1 I'm really shy (I'm working on it)
      2 I have always believed the guy should do the asking it's just a thing I have

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    • I understand that you just want to make sure things go smoothly this time around. That is the risk you take in dating people you don't get to know personally first. If you want a good relationship it should be like dating your best friend that you could do sexual things with.

    • Thank You
      Have a good night

  • Just ask him yourself.

  • Ask him. :)

  • why can't you ask him out?


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