Does she like me or is she airing me? tips and ideas about a girl I really like and am really nervous about?

so there's this girl that I met a few weeks ago and we've been hanging out everyday almost except for today she was very dry with me all day and I feel like kinda ignored me. nothing's happened between us yet but we've bonded a lot. I'm writing a script for my film and she really connected with my character who is in fact me and we've bonded over that over past heartbreak and have talked about how we basically are everything we both want from a relationship. we just haven't had a moment alone properly lately and I felt kinda blown off today. I know it's probably just nothing but I'm really into her. most I've been into a person since my last relationship. so I don't wanna Fuck it up in anyway and would like to make a good move whether that be tell her hey I like or I don't know. can anyone give me ideas? she's very laid back. she's totally one of the guys but in a cute girly way and I wanna have the right balance.

to those who have read this far thanks for your time. have a great day :)


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  • well how's that bond you're talking about? friendly? flirty? or more like a brother -sister kind?

    and just saying don't feel bad man! we girls are weird sometimes! jaja

  • She doesn

    • thanks for taking the time to read but could you give me your reasoning?

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  • Well man, it's hard to tell.. Can you just lean into her and ask for some private time? That's a good way to build positive tension, and if she asks point-blank, just roll into it and say that you like her, just get out on the limb, be assertive, but not impetuous..

    • hey thanks for replying

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    • Best of luck man!

    • thanks dude

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