What does it mean when a girl says we need to hang out soon?

This question seems a little ridiculous, but I am trying to decipher the underlying tone of this statement. I have been flirting with this girl I have known for awhile, and she says "we need to hang out soon" in response to me suggesting that we should hang out some time.

This girl and I have a little dating history a year ago but it didn't work out. We stopped talking for awhile, but we have been talking a lot the last couple months.

I guess what I am asking is should I take this statement as a good sign that she is open to getting back together?


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  • Well I'm actually in exact same situation with a guy I previously dated. And when I tell him we need to hang out soon, I'm saying it becaUse I really like him and want to get back together with him. :)

    • Like I said above, she is still kind of in a relationship with another girl. they are trying to work it out or something, but she is talking with me here and there at the same time.

  • Most definatley she wants you guys to get back together. You have dating history and when you initiate that you should hang out and she says she wants to soon. There's no doubt in my mind because if she didn't she would have just made of some excuse about why she doesn't want to hangout.

    • I should also mention that she just got out of a relationship, but her and this guy are kind of still seeing each other. And most of the time when we talk she is telling me what is going on between them? Is she just trying to make me jealous or am I in the friend zone?

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