How to convince someone to date you even if they don't want a relationship?

Let's say someone has told you they don't want a relationship (in general) in many ways this person likes you and they may even want to date you. However due to circumstances, they feel like a relationship isn't possible. How would you convince them that a relatively ship is possible.


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  • I don't really think you can convince them. when they say a relationship isn't possible (assuming that this person actually likes you and that this isn't a cop-out), they're saying that they're not ready or not in the mindset for it. why urge them to be in a relationship with you when they pretty much already told you that they can't be there for you as a bf/gf and can't give you what you need? better to just wait it out (If you really feel that this person is it) or find someone else

    • So you would suggest that I continue to hang with this girl and get to know her and if she changes her mind/starts to give signs, then I can make a move/ask her out?

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