Does cheating and public humiliation go together?

The following is a completely true story. A few years ago, I was dating a girl briefly. Let's call her Mandy. I had told Mandy that I was bi and had a thing for giving blowjobs. She wanted me to not give blowjobs. I told her I would try. And I did try, really hard. But I finally the craving was so intense I just gave in a few times. I thought I had hid the blowjobs from Mandy. But she found out and broke up with me immediately for cheating on her. Is that technically cheating on her if it was just a few blowjobs?

So, fast forward one month. I was out at a restaurant on a first date with a girl. We will call her Chyianne. Suddenly Mandy is at our table asking Chyianne if I had told her about the fact that I cannot stop sucking other guys' cocks and the fact that I wear panties everyday. I had told Chyianne neither of those things because it is, um, well, embarrassing. Mandy had a peice of creme pie (obviously from the dessert cart) and shoves it in my face. I was totally dumb-founded and shocked and stood up. People were beginning to laugh. Mandy pushed me forward so I was bent over the table and quickly reached in the back of my jeans and yanked out a handful of red lace thong. Mandy then loudly declared, "since I am telling the truth about the panties, you know I'm telling the truth about the blowjobs!" I was so embarrassed I just froze and as I was wiping chocolate creme pie off my face, Chyianne got up and left. Obviously, the end of the date.

Do do you think Molly was justified in embarrassing me publically?

Do you think Chyianne should have given me a second chance?
Does cheating and public humiliation go together?
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