Girl thinks I'm a player but I'm a virgin?

This girl I've been talking to has basically shut me off because she thinks I'm a player and she is scared to get hurt. I guess I give off a player like vibe with the way I flirt. Even my own family thinks I'm not a virgin oddly enough haha. It's been a choice of mine because I'm not the type to have sex with random girls and I have never had a girlfriend before only because I am very picky and haven't met s girl in which I'm really attracted to yet. But this girl has really caught my attention enough to actually get serious with but she shuts me down because she is afraid of getting hurt.
i was trying to show off to her so I bragged about having sex with 5 different girls to her friend and she told her now she doesn't trust me at all.
i don't know what to do I don't want to tell her I'm a virgin because I don't want her to think less of me. I'm thinking maybe I tell her that I've only had sex once just so I don't look like a complete noob.
What should I do?
and girls would you think less of a guy if he was a virgin even if you were very attracted to him.
Girl thinks I'm a player but I'm a virgin?
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