Why do girls keep thinking that I'm a player?

This has been happening to me from 5th to 11th grade (I realized this at the 10th). Especially in the 10th grade. Girls always keep thinking I'm a 10/10 quality out-of-their-league man!! I'm shy around people that have nothing in common with me! These girls don't seem to know that! They keep starring me down and expecting me to talk to them. They give me these weird disgusted looks when they think I'm approaching them but I'm just walking past them. They stare at me when I ask them a simple friendly question. Especially the school's hottest looking girls. Even one girl out of no where told me to hug her in front of her friends. Two days later she tells me to die in my sleep thinking that I'm gonna brush it off as a joke! What the fuck is wrong with you people? I'm an ambivert! The only girls I like hanging around are the girls I have stuff in common with. I these other girls may or may not know this. They keep calling me their 'man' and 'my boyfriend'. It sounds like thy want me to chase them. Luckily for me, my natural awkward introverted boldness nature has been able to prevent this. I would be honest and up front about them and they still don't care. They're still doing this hot cold hot cold shit and it's so annoying. They expect me to know how they feel and what they want! I'M NOT A PLAYER. Yeah my voice is deep and I'm working on my body, and I'm a 5'11-5'12, but there's much buffer and more charming boys that they already hang out with. Why are they choosing me? They're way out of my league and also not my type!
Wanna know the worst part? When they actually figure out that I'm shy, they feel like they've been mislead! Is this why girls say that really physically attractive boys have no personality or talents? I HAVE A PERSONALITY. I HAVE TALENTS. IT HURTS SO MUCH WHEN GIRLS KEEP SAYING THIS! They assume I'm a player and then feel all mislead and shit when they find out I'm not their dream boy. You weren't mislead. You weren't lead in the first place!!
Why do girls keep thinking that I'm a player?
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