My boyfriend keeps buying me a lot of stuff and spend money and its been making me uncomfortable?

yes I love that my boyfriend buys me stuff but It got to a point where its making me unconfortamble but on other hand I never had a boyfriend and dont now how to react to this? By the way Im not the one asking for him to buy me stuff and never did I just feel like things have been a little too much.
We met eachother two years ago trought mutual friends, we became good friends then friends with benefits and trought time we got more close and serious. I always knew about his outstanding personality and lifestyle but now that im involved I dont know how to react? For him its something normal but not for me.
He buys me a lot of clothes, always pays for the food or everything when we go out Im not even allowed to open my wallet cause he never accepts me to pay for anything not even one drink. Like yesterday, we went to a gas station and I offered to pay the gas, gived him the money and what surprise me the most was he accepted without saying a thing. But when I came home I saw he put the money back on my purse. Or like last month I bought first the tickets to a festival we wanted to go and when I offered him he got upset and only accepted when giving me the money back which I always refused. I dont want to fight for stupid things like this and about money! Plus what makes me more uncomfortamble is that Im studying and dont have that much money to spend like him or for him. he knows it and says he doesn't care But that makes me a little frustrated. I know he offers me stuff because he wants and thats his money so wtv but Does he do this because he feels sorry for me not having much? or just to show off his money? all my friends say to shut up enjoy and never refuse because my problem is been to proud but I dont think thats the matter.
Everytime I talk to him about this or to slow down on the gifts he says not to worry. I already said he doesn't need to Impress me and if he spend a month without giving me a thing I wouldn't care!
My boyfriend keeps buying me a lot of stuff and spend money and its been making me uncomfortable?
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