How to handle V-day when we haven't said "i love you" yet?

iThis is my first valentines day with someone. I'm 20, and my boyfriend is 23.

weve been together about 3 1/2 months. He's thoughtful, affectionate, a good listener, fun, funny, and I love being around him. I am more than happy to be with him and not even have sex. I love the sex, but I can lay around with him all day.

For valentines day, I plan on doing a strip tease, and hopefully cook dinner for him. Here's my issues.

1. I live with my parents, so cooking at my place may not be an option unless they plan on having the holiday away. Id cook at his place, but his roommates keep the place so dirty I wouldn't even want to cook in that kitchen. Id cook it and bring it over but that's hardly romantic. I want it to be perfect.

I plan on making him:

Asparagus and parmasean cheese stuffed ravioli with a pesto alfredo sauce that has sauteed mushrooms and artichoke hearts and served with a baked brie bread. I've made the pasta before, but not the bread. As you can see, not as romantic when served from tupperwear.

2. We haven't said I love you yet. Granted, its too early to worry about that. There is so much I wanna say a lot to him, and say some meaningful things. But, Its hard to avoid all the "I love you" cards, and It would seem silly to buy a funny joke card with all the meaningful stuff in it.

Maybe I can get some insight from someone who's done this before. I really want to make this special for him


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  • I think a "Thinking of you on valentines day" card would suffice. What you have planned sounds lovely as it is. No need to go over the top, as it's only been a few months.

    • but that's the problem. no idea where to cook dinner, because my house isn't an option, his kitchen isn't something I want to cook a romantic meal in.

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    • It would be so much better fresh and ready off the stove, all layed out on nice plates. And to have everything flow. Talk a little after dinner, sit him down, do my strip tease for him.

      Rather than bringing it over in containers, heating it up in the microwave. Not sexy.

    • Sigh... you're such a romantic by the book. If it helps, cook it right before leaving. Not so hard.

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  • If you cook that meal for me, I'll say "I love you" as many times as you want.

    Its still early January, so there's still time to get closer to saying that. You could always try one of those "Ms. Congeniality" things and be all like, "Yooouu loooove me" lol. I'm sure someone else will have some better insight though :)

    P.S. I'm for realz about the meal. You can just mail it to me in a cooler.

  • I don't have an answer unfortunately but I just have to say the food sounds DEE-LISH. Would you mind cooking some for a guy who isn't your boyfriend? =)

  • You haven't told him you love him and you've had sex with him? I'm so confused.

    That food sounds awesome!

    • I don't believe you have to wait till you say you love each other to have sex.

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    • Clearly you don't know jacksh*t. :D

    • People don't usually wait, but I don't know I think it's sweet to have sex for the first time after saying I love you. I guess sex is an expression of love so it's never the same after that point. Theoretically... :)

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  • I don't have any experience having a boyfriend around the hoopla that is Valentine's Day. But my advice would be to still stay at your parents to cook in the kitchen and do your striptease in your room and hopefully your parents will go out to dinner to celebrate their love. As for the "I love you" bomb. If you aren't ready to say it yet, which you don't seem like you are; when you're talking at dinner you can get all mushy gushy and say things that are close but no cigar like, "I love the way you make me feel," or, "I love being around you sweetie."

    • Nah my house isn't an option. I want to do a strip tease, have sex with him and be really intimate. can't do that at my house. Would be awkward, lol.

      His roommates leave us alone, so that's not a worry. I just don't want to have to worry about when they get home, or about keeping quiet.

    • lol, for the last part I meant that about my parents. I just don't want to worry about when my parents get home or being quiet or them hearing us.

    • Right, I guess that would be pretty awkward to have your parents around. I don't think of that because I don't live with my parents and I don't have sex.