How to handle V-day when we haven't said "i love you" yet?

iThis is my first valentines day with someone. I'm 20, and my boyfriend is 23.

weve been together about 3 1/2 months. He's thoughtful, affectionate, a good listener, fun, funny, and I love being around him. I am more than happy to be with him and not even have sex. I love the sex, but I can lay around with him all day.

For valentines day, I plan on doing a strip tease, and hopefully cook dinner for him. Here's my issues.

1. I live with my parents, so cooking at my place may not be an option unless they plan on having the holiday away. Id cook at his place, but his roommates keep the place so dirty I wouldn't even want to cook in that kitchen. Id cook it and bring it over but that's hardly romantic. I want it to be perfect.

I plan on making him:

Asparagus and parmasean cheese stuffed ravioli with a pesto alfredo sauce that has sauteed mushrooms and artichoke hearts and served with a baked brie bread. I've made the pasta before, but not the bread. As you can see, not as romantic when served from tupperwear.

2. We haven't said I love you yet. Granted, its too early to worry about that. There is so much I wanna say a lot to him, and say some meaningful things. But, Its hard to avoid all the "I love you" cards, and It would seem silly to buy a funny joke card with all the meaningful stuff in it.

Maybe I can get some insight from someone who's done this before. I really want to make this special for him
How to handle V-day when we haven't said "i love you" yet?
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