27, M never been on a date, or kissed or anything. I don't even know how to flit and show interest!

I'm a guy and I'm 27. I've never been on a date or kissed or anything. It's really disconcerting as I have friends that are getting married!

It's like when a woman shows interest in me I shut down. I have NO idea how to proceed. Which is interesting because I love public speaking (when I have something good to say) and have no problems smiling, looking someone in the eye, and saying hello. It's just AFTER THAT, I have NOTHING to talk about.

How can I fix this?

I'm an only child who gets along very well with retired people, never had any pets, moved a lot as a child. I need to get over this. I don't have any "My sister and I" stories or "My dog once did X" stories, or stories about my exes.


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  • Dude, it's pretty easy to talk to women. First you gotta loosen up, don't think to much about what am I gonna say, the last thing a woman wants to hear when you first meet her is your life story and sobby tails.

    You sound like a smart guy that keeps up with current events, try beginning a conversation about something you know and if you don't know anything, the best topic is food, trust me. every person , let me rephrase that, "every being" on this planet likes good food, the saying "The way to a mans heart is through his stomach" this goes both ways, if you don't know anything about food, look it up on the internet some nice tastey recipes and try too cook it, it ain't that hard experiment and use your finding in the conversation. When your already in the conversation, ask the girl what her opinion is and what she thinks about on the subject your talking about, don't make it to complicated, just keep it simple, because face it, we guys are simple to begin with hehehe.

    And get the stuff about kissing and sex outa your head first, then you'll start to think more clearly.

    Also , don't bore her to death while your talking, look around you and if you see something funny like a guy waiting on his dog to take a crap, use it in a quirky joke "I hope he picks up after his dog, if he doesn't lets call FEMA or the child dog services" make her smile, then compliment her on her smile (cause and effect) and keep smiling at her, just keep her comfortable.

    These are just a few things I picked up while I was still in the hunt. If you do get lost, just msg me buddy and I'll explain more too ya. I hope ya the best of luck.



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  • aww. I think that you shut down because you have never done anything what so ever with a girl or been with one. I think that if you find someone that you really like... why not give it a shot and ask her on a date... if she says no then you don't let it get you down just keep tryinjg because no matter what you havnt done or been with anyone then there will be someonee outt there for ya :D


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  • Well I'm 25 and I only got my first girlfriend 7 months ago, and I never kissed anyone or anything before that either.

    I didn't flirt to get my girlfriend, I didn't tell stories about my sister or my dog, I just talked to her. Talk to people, and if they think you are relationship material, or they find a interest in you, things will happen, otherwise don't focus on the fact you haven't done anything.

    Just talk to people, without the expectation of wanting a relationship or anything like that, and you may find you will be lucky one day.

  • Sounds like me except I don't public speak or move a lot. Hopefully I can get some good advice from this question too.