Haven't heard from a guy in 10 days.

He lives in the UK I live in the US. We have been flirting by email/facebook for 3 weeks now. It was an email or 2 every day or every other day and posting here and there. Very good conversation.. things were clicking then he says he is moving. 3 days I don't hear from him and the I do, sweet email apologizing saying he wishes he could write me more but he's being pulled in several directions (business & moving etc). Still friendly sweet email.. then 4 days I don't hear from him and he emails me from his mobile through facebook saying his new home doesn't have internet, still sweet and wishing me a great day then boom for 10 days I've heard nothing. My Question is.. after 10 days is it safe to say he's blown me off? OR is someone really that busy that they can't write somehow? I know internet is different in UK but really this long? Just need advice as to be more patient and relax or deal with I'm being ignored suddenly.

Everything is fine... I no longer need answers to this question... thanks everyone.


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  • Don't get too anxious...He'll be back sooner or later.

    He is really being pulled in different directions, and it'll probably like this for a couple of weeks until he can settle down. In the mean time, find something engaging to do to get your mind off of it.

    • He did write back today in fact.. he has been busy. He apologized quite a bit and all is great. Thanks your answer kept me in reality where I wanted to stay... and not head into anxiousville. Thank you so much.

    • Good luck!

    • "He'll be back sooner or later?" What? That's the worst answer ever! Don't wait around. Always keep your eye out. Look out for YOURSELF.

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  • Ask him if he wants to end this or it seems to you it does and if he wants to do that. If so, you will understand and you really don't want to, but he seems like he does. Then you will find your answer.


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  • Ok well first of all the internet is not different in the UK - if he doesn't have access to it its either because he moved to one of the ( very few) rural areas in UK where they don't have it ( and I'm talking tiny villages up mountains) or he hasn't fixed it with his supplier yet...BUT...he does have access to you through his mobile ( he proved that by mailing you that way once before) so...

    you have to assume he is choosing not to contact you...the big question is why...and the only way you'll find out is by asking him.

    I suggest you send a mail/message on Facebook just asking what's up/how the move went etc and asking if he still wnats to stay in contact. If you get no answer then sadly you have your reply ...sometimes people just hate having "that" conversation and take the rather cowardly option of ignoring you and hoping you get the hint.

    Theres no easy way out of this but at least by contacting him you will have taken a little control of the situation rather than waiting for him to do something and either way- good or bad- you will know where you stand.

    If he answers all well and good if he doesn't - well do you really want a guy whos that much of a wuss?

    Good Luck

  • This is typical male behaviour. I've experienced this myself & many women who have confided in me at some point told me sth similar.

    Two years ago, I fell in love with a jerk just like that. I moved away, he was in France & I was set to travel around the globe with my family. When I left I was torn, though I knew I would get over it quickly enough. THEN IT STARTED. The tennis game between us. He started inboxing me several times a day, missing me, asking me questions, I would answer back, he'd reply, ping-pong ping-pong for around two months, then BOOM. He hadn't answered in 2 days.. I was getting fidgety & anxious, he FINALLY wrote to me on the 3rd day, WITHOUT IT HAVING ANYTHING TO DO WITH OUR PREVIOUS THREAD, saying he was busy, missed me blablabla. I fell for it, replied, and he AGAIN ignored me for a week.. I was extremely devestated, though I decided not to make a drama over it.. He made me feel like a stalker, though it is not in my nature...

    My advice is to LET THE JERK GO. Think out a list of things you DESPISE that he does but that you hate in other people.. This might take a while, because you feel infatuated but think deeply...If he writes, don't be tempted to write back. If he smses you, DELETE his number off your phonebook because it might make you obsess.

    Coming back to MY JERK, I haven't seen him in 2years but I'm moving back to France in a couple of weeks. He still inboxes me, misses me whatever, but I know WHY he does this. These guys NEED US to stroke their ego. They are self-obsessed morons that will only write to you when THEY miss u. So, ditch the bitch & stop allowing him to fukc with your mind. My JERK wrote to me from Greece, he's apparently on holiday.. So I replied half-heartidly.. He answered me nothing special, talking about his boring self as usual. There was no question so I didn't feel compelled to reply. Then he wrote again, asking me if I was mad.. I didn't reply. Then he wrote again, saying "i know you're mad :p"

    (trying to play Games and mind-fukc me again) , I finally told him: "Listen, you're in Greece. Get out of your hotel and please use this opportunity to get yourself some Greek godess instead of talking to me" (with a smiley of course) but hey, these guys, you SHOULD NOT ALLOW THEM, to mind-fukc. Keep telling yourself your better than him, because YOU ARE.



    • Yeah I have a similar problem right now. guy I like says he really wants to hang with me, promises to call me back and it never happens. best thing is to move on, even if it's hard.

    • I totally and utterly know this situation... he'd come around when he felt like it... then I'd not hear from him for a week, 2 weeks... it's bull.