Haven't heard from a guy in 10 days.

He lives in the UK I live in the US. We have been flirting by email/facebook for 3 weeks now. It was an email or 2 every day or every other day and posting here and there. Very good conversation.. things were clicking then he says he is moving. 3 days I don't hear from him and the I do, sweet email apologizing saying he wishes he could write me more but he's being pulled in several directions (business & moving etc). Still friendly sweet email.. then 4 days I don't hear from him and he emails me from his mobile through facebook saying his new home doesn't have internet, still sweet and wishing me a great day then boom for 10 days I've heard nothing. My Question is.. after 10 days is it safe to say he's blown me off? OR is someone really that busy that they can't write somehow? I know internet is different in UK but really this long? Just need advice as to be more patient and relax or deal with I'm being ignored suddenly.
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Everything is fine... I no longer need answers to this question... thanks everyone.
Haven't heard from a guy in 10 days.
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