Intense sexual chemistry with a coworker? help me explain this?

I've been having sex with a guy from work, maybe for about 5 months now, he and I were good friends our first months there, until one day we were drunk and hooked up. Something about our sex was really intense, I was always craving just one more time with him. That had been happening for some months until one day I figured I had feelings for him and I told him, it was awkward and he said he didn't want anything, that he wasn't interested in a relationship. It was sad and I told him we shouldn't be together anymore (sexually) and to just keep it as friends. He agreed and he was cold about it.

We saw each other at work and nothing happened for about two months and then one day at our friend's party, we ended up sharing an Uber and he asked me to stay over and I said yes. The thing is that when alcohol is involved, I just wanna have sex with him. He is very rough in bed, and also very dominant. Somehow I just have this craving of being with him because we have a lot of chemistry and the way he kinda just orders me and talks to me, turns me on. Since I knew it was bad, the next day I told him it was the last time that woud happen.

That happened a month ago. Yesterday we went to another party, we were talking to other people all night, but like at 2:00 am at the club he came to me and asked me to dance with him. We were dancing and he just pulls my hair and says to my ear, you know we are going to fuck tonight, you love it, we are going to have very dirty and rough sex and you won't say no. I smiled and said, yeah i know.. and i felt so easy, but somehow I didn't care, we danced the rest of the night and went back to his apt, he was very sweet and tender sometimes and then rough and intense, and we had sex for like 4 hours, he told me I looked beautiful, he was sweet and the sex was amazing. We watched movies the rest of the day and I ended up spending two nights in a row there. I don't know what to get over him. I don't know if I should avoid him. We're not exclusive... what should I do?
Intense sexual chemistry with a coworker? help me explain this?
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