Why doesn't anybody want to be my boyfriend?

I am smart, fun, active, outgoing, good in bed, easy going, in a great job, with M.Sc.degree. I have a lot of hobbies, I am not a drama queen, I am nice and really nice to the guys I date. Guys love to hang out with me and I seem to be popular both with guys and girls. I have no trouble of getting dates, I get asked out all the time and a lot of flirting going on.

But nobody wants to be my boyfriend ! Why ?

Guys please help me, what to do to go from the dating to boyfriend/girlfriend stage?


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  • I was in a very similar situation, I'm very attractive and I got lot's of dates but no boyfriend. I've found that you can't tell the guys you want a relationship, be exactly who you are but you have to pretend that you love being single and will be in a relationship only if the "right guy" comes along. Always tell these guys that you have dates with other men and don't be so available. If you make it past the 1st date, even if your free one night, tell him your buys and don't tell him why, make him assume that you are being perused by other men, men want women who other men want. It sounds silly to have to lie about but I've found it works. If you've been dating this guy for a couple months and he's not committing to a relationship with you, he is jus not that into you, move on.


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  • Quit trying to force it. Just enjoy yourself.

    If you are trying to be in a relationship it shows.

    It may also be the type of guys you are seeing. If you find them all in the same places, try other things.

    The best way to ensure you stay on a diet of fish is to keep dropping a hook in the water.

    Hard to give advice in this sort of thing as I don't know you, but start there and see if it helps.

  • You sound awesome. I'll be your boyfriend. lol

  • Umm...what do you look like? Are you heavy? Ugly? Pretty? Fit?

    • I used to be a model and yes I think I am pretty, I smile a lot and I am a happy person in general. I am fit, but of course everybody can be in better shape ;) but I go to the gym several times a week and I work out really hard.

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    • I can't, you are anonymous ;)

    • Lol......look harder, I put down my sn

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