Black guys are so hot we women pay them for sex, what do you think?


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  • A study from Rutgers University in New Rochelle, NJ, has concluded that approximately 87 percent of American White women have had or fantasize about having sexual relations with African American males. The study was conducted by the Sexual Sociological Endowment in the Cultural Histology department, at Rutgers University.
    The study reveals that a whopping 87% of white women dream of having sex with a Black man and in some cases many already have. Interestingly enough, the same study says only 13% of white women said they would would marry and raise a family with a Black man. Of the 800 involved in the study, 8 percent said they have actually dreamed of having a threesome with Black men.
    The fact that there is such a huge disparity between the number of white women who want to have sex with Black men versus those who would marry Black men, shows that many still have stereotypical view of Black men. Black men are seen as sexual masters in the bedroom but almost complete absent from the corporate boardroom.
    So when it comes to sex, most white women would prefer a Black man but they look toward their own white men when they are looking for a provider.
    A French Army Surgeon (1898/1972), a 30-year specialist in
    genitourinary diseases} makes reference to numerous anatomical
    distinctions which show a similar pattern of whites being between
    blacks and Orientals. ... size of genitalia (Orientals smallest,
    blacks largest). We averaged the ethnographic data on erect penis and
    found the means to approximate: Orientals, 4 to 5.5 in. in length and
    1.25 in. in diameter; Caucasians, 5.5 to 6 in. in length and 1.5 in.
    in diameter; blacks, 6.25 to 8 in. in length and 2 in. in diameter."
    (Rushton, J. P. & Bogaert, A. F. (1987) Race differences in sexual
    behavior: Testing an evolutionary hypothesis. Journal Research in
    Personality 21(4): pp. 536-7)

    • Blacktowhite. net is a great place for white girls to hook up with BBC

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    • I read the article and a portion of what some chick wrote in the comments. She seems to have no sympathy for men and played the "why are you blaming all women" card. Like, who the fuck said "all" but she doesn't realize that most women are awful people. Anyway. I'll dry my face and turn on the light now.

    • @DanielKaluuya Aw cheer up, there is much more to life than pussy. Pussy does not equal happiness. That get old quick... in more ways than one.

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  • Personally I find it quite disgusting when people think of other humans as if they were prize studs or something. Interacial porn turns me off because they parade the black guys out on screen like some sort of freak show...

    People can be bad or good in bed, the colour of your dick (unless it's yellow or green and rotting) will not make a difference to your performance. If you think it does, then you are stupid and racist.


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  • You mean all I have to be is "Black" and I can get women? They won't mind my flabby belly beer gut? My glasses and my jedi knight uniform will be okay?


  • You realize that women who engage in such things are usually middle aged?

  • Why would a white girl pay a black guy for sex when every black guy on the street would kill big mama for a shot at a pretty blonde pussy.

  • If you keep broadcasting your sex life for everyone to hear, I'm gonna start telling you about the shits I take every morning.

    Go be a shameless degenerate quietly to yourself.

  • women pay for sex with men regardless of their race. just like men do

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  • I think you are a black guy trolling. I have no desire to be with a black man.

  • Never paid one for sex, but sure as hell had a good time fucking them for free. Speaking of the Caribbean islands, Tortola in the British Virgin Islands is where I first met my husband.
    All that said I don't think you are a girl, just another troll with a totally phony ID on here. I wish these GaG braintrusts could figure out a way to prevent this from happening.

  • Illegal prostitution has been going on since the beginning of time, who cares what skin color they are, each race of one person or more has done it before or is continuing to do it. It's wrong and I advise against it because it just leads to sexually transmitted diseases and or jail time.

  • As much as i adore sex with black men paying for it i don't think i would ever do. Maybe when im past my sell by date and can't find one to pleasure me i will?

  • Yes many non black women day dream about BBC's but often don't want to be seen with a black guy or date one either.

    • That's because a lot of men wouldn't want to date these women who will have sex and date black men.

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